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Time Warp: 2017 MND Trends

When you look around MND, what do you see? Is there anything you have seen among your classmates that you have not seen in past years?

Sophomore Vanessa Huffman says, “I have noticed a lot of trends throughout the start of the school year. Everyone is always wearing scrunchies and New Balances. I think everyone has started to like scrunchies because they don’t leave annoying creasing in your hair when you put

your hair up.”

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Let’s PAWS!

PAWS was just introduced to the MND community this school year. As most of the community knows “PAWS” stands for Pause, Ask, Wait, and Share. PAWS is an acronym used as communication tool when discussing difficult situations or hurtful feelings.  Using PAWS as a tool provides skills and a framework to help someone who may not speak up without this tool.

Sophomores Abby Beckham, Kamille Harris, and Peyton Fay are using the PAWS initiative in class! Abby tells Peyton to “PAWS” in order to find a solution to their problem.

Mrs. Judy Metcalf, Assistant Principal, states, “There was an incident last year and some people in our community felt they didn’t really have a voice.”
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Running His Way Into MND

New Mount Notre Dame Math teacher, Dr. Jeffery Johnson, decided it was time that he started helping high school students get into the college of their choice. Dr. Johnson started teaching college students in 1993 and previously taught at the University of Cincinnati.

New MND faculty member, Dr. Johnson, prepares for his classes.
He is excited to be in the atmosphere of MND.

This is his first-year teaching at a high school. He wanted to become a teacher because he wanted to make sure students are ready to be successful in life. Continue reading “Running His Way Into MND”

What’s Your Fav Season?

By Olivia Bennett ’18 and Abby Beckham ’20

A Teacher or a Coach?

Mrs. Kim Drefcinski, Algebra 2 teacher, smiles as she is welcomed into the MND community for the 2017-2018 school year. Her huge passion for math and teaching allowed her and her students to have a successful start during these last few weeks. Mrs. Drefcinski mentions, “I want to create a comfortable classroom where kids aren’t afraid to take a risk or get something wrong.” She is happy to be a part of such a strong community, and looks forward to a productive year.

Some people might agree that math is just another boring school subject required to graduate, but for new MND Math teacher, Mrs. Kim Drefcinski, it is her “sport.” Although familiar with MND as a parent to senior Payton Drefcinski, Mrs. Drefcinski makes her appearance as a permanent math teacher here for the 2017-2018 school year. Mrs. Drefcinski brings a great deal of teaching experience to the MND community. Her impressive history includes teaching math to middle school and high school students for over ten years in a variety of different states including Utah, Minnesota, and Florida.

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Screen Time & Face Time: The New Cell Phone Policy

mrs metcalf
Mrs. Metcalf observes the new cell phone policy in the hallways of MND.

A new cell phone policy was implemented for the Mount Notre Dame school community this school year. This cell phone policy states that students can only have their cell phones out during lunch and merit time, and cell phones must be put away while in the academic wing. Mrs. Judy Metcalf, Assistant Principal, and the Discipline Advisory Board felt that a new policy was necessary for the school.

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Homecoming Showdown: Who is Your Team?

By: Olivia Bennett ’18, Abby Beckham ’20, Caroline France ’20


Mount Notre Dame has added a multicultural student union to its extensive array of extracurricular activities. 

Excited after their September 8th, well-attended meeting, Multicultural Student Union members Pariss Ruffin, Sydney Jefferson, and Amber Lewis. “We first need to understand others to understand ourselves,” states club president Jefferson.

“This club is meant to bring the multicultural aspects of MND’s community to the forefront, as well as serve as a safe space for all MND students to discuss sensitive issues,” according to the club’s founding president, Senior Sydney Jefferson. 

When she and the rest of the leadership team introduced the Multicultural Student Union to the student body on August 22, 2017, Jefferson wanted to make sure people knew the club was for students of all races, socioeconomic backgrounds and cultures.  Continue reading “Multiculture-All”

New Year, New Freshmen

Over the summer, freshmen Mikaylah Sova, Claudia Banke, Lily Fritz, and Abby Casavan joined Moeller’s Marching Band and had their first halftime performance on Sep. 8.

As a new year is ushered in, so are the new freshmen. The beginning of the school year is already very hectic, and even more so when starting at a new school. Freshmen Claudia Banke, Lily Fritz, Abby Casavant, and Mikaylah Sova shared a little bit about their experience transitioning into high school. They are four new students and are a part of the Moeller Marching Band. All the girls had heard about MND through family or friends, and shadowed with a few different people. When shadowing, the outstanding things they noticed were the tablets, the friendly community, and of course the food. They all agreed that the students and teachers were welcoming. Banke chose MND because she is a legacy, Casavant had family there, and Fritz and Sova had their hearts set on it. Continue reading “New Year, New Freshmen”

Greyhounds and Graces

Rejoicing with MND religion teacher Mrs. Dodds, Mrs. Butz experiences Freshman Retreat. Mrs. Butz joined the MND community as a religion teacher at the start of the school year. She was extremely thrilled to find a welcoming sisterhood here at MND! (Photo courtesy of Mrs. Dodds)

Greyhounds. Cooking. Social Justice. You might be wondering what these words have in common. They describe the life of one of MND’s newest teachers: Mrs. Butz! Mrs. Butzcurrently teaches Faith and Foundations to freshmen and will be teaching one Comparative World Religions class next semester. She is absolutely thrilled to be a part of the MND family!

What excites her the most is the sisterhood of MND and its commitment to growing every student’s “whole person.” Coming from an all-girls school background, she wanted to be part of a similar community, and she has found that here at MND.

“I’m super excited to be here…really, really excited. I’ve found that all-female community, a supportive staff, and people [at MND] are just so enthusiastic!” Continue reading “Greyhounds and Graces”

Solar Eclipse: Hot or Not?


By: Caroline France ’20


Review: What is the best first car?

Many students begin looking for their first car when they receive their license or when they get ready to head off to college. A lot of people often start off completely clueless as to what car they would like to buy. There are over 200 models of cars to choose from, and to look at every car on the market is incredibly tedious. Continue reading “Review: What is the best first car?”

Review: Looking past the ‘Surface’ of these ‘Pro’ tablets

The Microsoft Surface and the iPad Pro have quickly risen up as the new “it” thing in the technology world. Every other commercial on TV seems to be advertising one of these two things.

Many viewers have been wondering, which one is better? Continue reading “Review: Looking past the ‘Surface’ of these ‘Pro’ tablets”

Ashley Browning, senior


“I’m really organized. I forgot my planner today of course, but I have a calendar as my background to stay on task.”

The student section is once again overflowing with graces and blessing at the state basketball game on March 18. MND fans have a reputation for being supportive of their athletic teams as well as being respectful of the opponents and space. “My favorite thing about being in the MND student section is singing our school song at the end of the game,” exclaimed senior Moira O’Conner.
The State Champion basketball team celebrates their win against Notre Dame Academy of Toledo on March 18. This is the 6th state win for MND basketball. Team Manager Julia DeVita shared, “I was beyond proud of how this team stuck together during the tournament. Everyone did their part and now we are State Champions!”
Mr. Mark Schenkel, Athletic Director, presents junior Julia Hoefling with her State Championship medal on Saturday. It has been 8 years since the Cougars earned the State title in basketball. Hoefling said she couldn’t stop smiling. “It didn’t feel real at all. It was one of the best feelings ever.”
English teacher, Mrs. Julie Hagerty is happy to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day in the U.S. Mrs. Hagerty is from Ireland, and shared with students how different American celebrations are from those in Ireland. She said that in Ireland it is more a religious holiday than anything else, and that many of the traditions American’s are familiar with originated here, not there. “The only people wearing green are American tourists,” she said.

Humans of MND

Olivia Combs’17


“My little sister is my favorite person in the entire world. I have no idea what I’m going to do without her next year”

Annual blood drive brings in 73 donations

Junior Armania Heckenmueller is a first time blood donor. Students at the school continued the long tradition of the spring blood drive with over 100 appointments scheduled. “I felt that it was the right thing to do,” said Heckenmueller.

On March 10, MND hosted its annual Blood Drive. Students over the age of 16 were invited to sign up to give blood in their religion classes. Approximately 113 people signed up to help save the lives of those they didn’t even know. Students were also asked to pick what time they were available to give blood. Continue reading “Annual blood drive brings in 73 donations”

Jefferson heads to State Championship in shot put

Students lined the halls to cheer on junior Sydney Jefferson as she prepares for State in indoor shot put. Track teammates as well as members of GAA joined Jefferson in the send-off. She left later that day for the University of Akron where she will compete with hundreds of other students.

Junior Sydney Jefferson, the first athlete from the school to ever qualify for the State Championship for indoor shot put, will compete at 9 a.m. on Saturday at the University of Akron.  If Jefferson passes through the first round, she will move on to make 3 throws in the finals.   Continue reading “Jefferson heads to State Championship in shot put”

Mr. Todd Forman, Community Service Director


What’s the hardest part of being the Community Service Director?

“Well my chair is really uncomfortable…

No, I’m just kidding. I think the hardest part is knowing what I want to do versus what I have the time and energy to do. Because while I love the trips, I don’t necessarily enjoy the behind the scenes work.”

Don’t Just Give Up, Fill Up

Sophomore Sarah Nagy and Director of Spiritual Development Mrs. Kelly Albainy-Crosby have both taken the pledge for the Best Lent Ever and are deciding to not only “give up” but “fill up.”

March is a hectic time with spring sports starting up, the work pile at school is building, and jobs are becoming more and more stressful as the weather gets nicer. It is easy to let our Catholic obligations during this time of the year slip through our fingers, however it is important to take this time of lent to remember that our world is not just us. Continue reading “Don’t Just Give Up, Fill Up”

MNDT seniors gather in the foyer after their final performance of Macbeth. The theatre program puts on a winter show every year that’s only to upperclassmen. “I felt like our cast bonded so much more than any other cast I’ve been in. There was something just really special about this show, and it was such a great last play for me,” said senior Jo Ward.
Students from the Marketing Principles class stand on the warning track behind home plate at Great American Ball Park during their February 22 field trip. Teacher, Mrs. Krista Brehm has been taking students on this field trip for the last 5 years, and said that was the best visit yet. “The students hear a marketing presentation, tour the park, and learn about sponsorship and promotion related to the Cincinnati Reds,” said Mrs. Brehm. She added, “They will be creating their own promotion based on a current player or a player from Reds History.”

MND holds “Hand in Hand with Haiti” event

Students were given the task to work as a team to fill 2 buckets of water, one clean and one dirty, and carry it half a mile from the Sisters of Notre Dame Convent back to MND. They learned team work and then also what Haitians had to do to purify and clean their water. It taught the students how to be grateful and appreciative of the water they use every day.

Nearly 75 students across all grade levels experienced “Hand in Hand with Haiti” this past weekend, a unique experience held in the school’s gym and cafeteria to help students understand life and struggles in Haiti.

Students were encouraged to let go and step outside of their comfort zone as they learned and lived through what it’s like in the country of Haiti, including the challenges they face with food, shelter, and water. Students and guests also learned how they could make a difference in the lives of the people there. Continue reading “MND holds “Hand in Hand with Haiti” event”

Returning to MND after participating in the Spanish Exchange Program in Zaragoza, Spain, sophomores Maddie Campbell, Erin Mahan and Shannon Reel are quick to share memories from their experience.  The five MND and four Moeller students will host their Spanish sisters and brothers in September.  “It was so hard to leave,” said Mahan.  “Five weeks is the perfect time to make real friends and our families were so amazing.  In math class I was talking about the family that I had to leave behind, and I just started crying,” she said.
Returning to MND after participating in the Spanish Exchange Program in Zaragoza, Spain, sophomores Maddie Campbell, Erin Mahan and Shannon Reel are quick to share memories from their experience. The five MND and four Moeller students will host their Spanish sisters and brothers in September. “It was so hard to leave,” said Mahan. “Five weeks is the perfect time to make real friends and our families were so amazing. In math class I was talking about the family that I had to leave behind, and I just started crying,” she said.
Mr. Ben Hunt and the Local History class enjoy the view of the queen city at the top of Carew Tower on February 7. Students visited the Findlay Market and Vine Street taking turns sharing the information they had gathered prior to the field trip about the city to their classmates. Mr. Hunt plans the trip because “It gives our students an outside experience about their city.”

Things get real when atheist plays Jesus

libby-movie-reviewWhen TV star and Hollywood bad-boy, Gavin Stone, portrayed by Brett Dalton of ABC’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., gets arrested for drunken disorderly conduct, he is required to complete 200 hours of community service at a local church.

When he discovers the church is hosting auditions for their annual Passion play, he pretends to be a Christian to get the role of Jesus for his community service hours. Continue reading “Things get real when atheist plays Jesus”

Spirit Week Trivia #4: Whose classy room? Pt. 2

Write your answers on the paper given to you by your homeroom teacher.  Submit this paper to the bag outside room 236 by 3:00 p.m. TODAY for a chance to win a prize!
Write your answers on the paper given to you by your homeroom teacher. Submit this paper to the bag outside room 236 by 3:00 p.m. TODAY for a chance to win a prize!

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