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Spring Break: Staycation Edition

Thousands stand for the National Anthem at the 2016 Cincinnati Reds Opening Day. The Opening Day game will take place on March 29, 2018 at 4:10 vs. the Washington Nationals.

By: Lindsey Benhase ’19

Spring Break is right around the corner, so time is ticking on getting your plans together. If you don’t want to spend thousands of dollars going to the beach, then stay in Cincinnati and explore the many spring events our city offers.

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Second Year and Second Place

show choir
Nora Riley, 2020, states “I love being involved in show choir because I get to create great bonds between all the girls involved in it!”

By Ciara Tucker

Mount Notre Dame’s show choir recently placed second in their second competition.  Since its creation last year Mrs. Venia has developed the club into a place where students can grow vocally and work together to created songs and concerts for both their families and the MND community.   Show choir has preformed at various events at MND throughout the school year including open house, the talent show and of course the annual Christmas concert.

Mrs. Venia says this program put “hours and hours and hours into this show.”  The theme this year is fame, featuring songs throughout the ages from “Fly Like and Eagle” to “Handclap.”   Although show choir is a new institution at MND, it has been built on an incredible foundation of MND’s performing arts, and Mrs. Venia hopes Show choir will continue to grow in the years to come.  Show choir gives students a chance to harness their musical and dance talents in a supportive environment.

“Everyone works really hard in class and I think we’ve grown a lot,” Mrs. Venia said when reflecting on the feats of show choir this last school year.  With the guidance of a choreographer and Mrs. Venia as their vocal coach, show choir students have worked hard and take pride in creating beautiful shows for the MND community.

Life in Cincy to Zaragoza!

Leah and Belen, her host sister, visiting the Basilica of Our Lady of the Pillar in Madrid.

By: Abby Beckham ’20

Mount Notre Dame sophomore, Leah Black took advantage of MND’s Spanish student exchange program; a five week stay in Zaragoza, Spain. While in Zaragoza, Leah attended Colegio Santa María del Pilar, which is very different than MND because students rarely travel to different classrooms. Instead, the teachers travel to their student’s classrooms.  Leah says, “My favorite thing about Spain was the city and the people. The city was so easy to navigate, and everything was walking distance! There was no need to drive unless you wanted to, everyone either walked, biked, or took the tram. Many of people were interested about life in America and getting to know us.” She goes on to say her least favorite thing about Spain is the weather because it was so windy that it always made it feel much colder than it was. Leah continues, “My hardest adjustments to Spain would definitely be their eating schedule, they eat five decent sized meals a day. Secondly, the time difference was also hard to get used because they are six hours ahead of Ohio. Lastly, the biggest adjustment was definitely speaking and hearing Spanish. Sometimes I would blank out and be really confused what I was hearing, or I would bump into someone on the tram and say excuse me and then I would say it in Spanish.”

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In Memory of Stephen Hawking

stephen hawking
Stephen Hawking was diagnosed at the age of 21 with ALS, and was expected to live 5 years.  He survived a remarkable 55 years with the disease, and passed away March 14, 2018.

By Liv Long

“Look up at the stars and not down at your feet. Try to make sense of what you see and wonder about what makes the universe exist.” Stephen Hawking was a theoretical physicist, a man compared to Albert Einstein, Isaac Newton, and Nikola Tesla. He passed away on March 14th, 2018, in Cambridge, at age 76. Hawking lived with amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (also known as Lou Gehrig’s disease or ALS.) This is a rare neurological disease involving the nerve cells that oversee controlling the movement of muscles. It is caused by genetics and does not have a cure.

He was known for his renowned work at Cambridge University and his research on black holes. Hawking wrote 12 best-selling books, including A Brief History of Time and The Universe in a Nutshell. Wanting complicated science and his work to be comprehendible to everyone, not just other theoretical scientists, his book A Brief History of Time was written for average readers with no background in science. This is why it sold over 10 million copies and is translated in over 10 different languages. His most incredible work ranges from proving that time had a beginning to discovering that black holes are truly not black, as Einstein had believed. Continue reading “In Memory of Stephen Hawking”

From Research to Resolutions: Model UN Explained!

Juniors Cara Wagner and Bella DiCarlo and Senior Tess Forman discuss ideas with other students during a moderated caucus. Members of the MND Model UN team attended a Model UN Conference at John Cabot University in Rome, Italy. Senior Tess Forman comments, “This conference allowed me to connect with people from other countries and helped me push myself to step out of my comfort zone and get involved.”

By: Cara Wagner ’19

When I walked into that first Model UN meeting last September, I had virtually no idea what to expect. I knew little about the club and I had never even heard of Model UN before. We held a simulation at the meeting in which I timidly sat back and watched in awe as older, more experienced club members skillfully debated country policy with short speeches. I left that meeting both excited for this club and convinced that I would never understand the ins and outs of committee.

Speaking with my friends around MND, I have learned that most people are just like I was at that first meeting. Today, after 6 Model UN conferences, lots of hours researching, and a passion for the activity I never realized I would gain, I know a lot about Model UN.

But, if you’re like the general population, you’re probably wondering “What IS Model UN?”

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The Moon Landing… Faked?



By: Liv Long ’19

Everyone knows that Apollo 11 was the first spacecraft to take man to the moon. It was even broadcast live on July 20th, 1969, to the American people… Or was it? There is ample evidence to prove that the footage viewed by the people didn’t actually take place on the moon. Sure, the US landed on the moon in 1969, but the live broadcast showed to the American people has questionable content.

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The Love Story of Meghan Markle and Prince Harry

kamille story.png
Meghan Markle and Prince Harry’s engagements photos were taken at Kensington Palace’s Sunken Garden

By: Kamille Harris ’20

Meghan Markle is an actress that was born and raised in Los Angles, California. She graduated in 2003 from Northwestern with two degrees; one in theater, and another in international relations. At the beginning of her acting career she did small parts here and there. For instance, she was a “briefcase girl” on Deal or No Deal. Then she started to get parts on popular TV shows such as General Hospital, 90210, CSI: NY until eventually she landed a main role in the popular TV legal-drama, Suits.

Prince Harry is the second son of Charles Princes of Wales and Princess Diana. He went to college at Eton College. After he graduated, Prince Harry spent time traveling the world. He participated in multiple charity work activities and working at a home for orphans that are victims of AIDS. From his visit to the orphan home, he filmed a documentary that raised over $2 million for the British Red Cross Lesotho Fund. When he came back from traveling, he enrolled in Royal Military Academy Sandhurst where he went through 44 weeks of training. Serving two tours of duty in Afghanistan and was in several combat missions. As of present day, Prince Harry is currently fifth in line to the English throne.

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry were set up in July of 2016 by mutual friends. They hit it off but kept their relationship under wraps for a while. Finally, in November of 2016, Prince Harry confirms that he is dating Meghan Markle. The public was not happy about their relationship. They had to  racism and sexism from the internet, and there have also been legal battles to try and keep some of the stories out of the public eye. Meghan’s mother faced reporters trying to illegally enter her home. Also, the papers had bribed Meghan’s ex-boyfriends for stories about her. Despite the hardships, their relationship develops. The couple started holding hands, hugging, and kissing in public. Even though there is not a protocol about showing affection in public, it still should be under moderation. As their relationship gets more and more serious, Meghan started integrating royal mannerisms into her life. In April of 2017, she shut down her lifestyle blog and other social media accounts. She did this because as a Royal, you don’t post on social media; there are people that do it for you. Then in November of 2017, Markle quit her hit show, Suits and moved into Kensington Palace with Prince Harry. On Nov. 27, 2017 the couple finally announced their engagement.

Meghan and Prince Harry are officially engaged and will be married on Saturday May 19, 2018. The couple will get married in an hour-long ceremony. This is unusual because British Royals usually get married on weekdays instead of weekends. The wedding will be at St. George’s Chapel at Windsor Castle, one of Queen Elizabeth ll’s main homes. Before the big day takes place, Meghan Markle is going to be baptized and confirmed in the Church of England. She also starting the process of becoming a British citizen. The wedding date is quickly approaching, and it will be broadcasted for the world to watch.

Trivia Ninjas

The Varsity Academic Team, coached by Mr. Benn VanOudenallen, worked hard to prepare for the February 24 tournament. Pictured with Mr. Vann, from left to right are seniors Jenna Ehrler, Natalie Steibel, Francie Corzine, and Gabi Smith.

By Ciara Tucker 2020

As tournament season enters full swing one of the lesser-known Mount Notre Dame teams recently competed for a chance to compete at state.  MND’s varsity academic team attended a tournament at 8 a.m. Saturday February 24.  The team played a fantastic three matches but was unable to move on to the state competition in March.  Academic team answers critical questions and uses reasoning skills to beat other schools in this Jeopardy-like competition.

Mount Notre Dame has both junior varsity and varsity academic teams who meet Thursdays and have weekly matches for their season.  In these matches they compete against both public and private local school like Moeller and St. X.  The students, and “Coach Van” have a lot of fun practicing for matches while expanding their intellectual horizons.

“I really like being on academic team because of the community that surrounds you. All of the girls on it are so great because each person has their strengths where you might have a weakness,” says junior Madyn Sullivan.  Students can join academic team reserves through a try-out their sophomore year and JV and Varsity their junior and senior year.  This team helps cougars get to know and bond with girls in other grades through healthy competitions and joking answers.

Senior Gabi Smith says, “I joined academic team junior year. I tried out on a whim and didn’t really know what to expect.  But slowly, I came to love the little family that’s come to be and I’m sad to see it go come the tournament tomorrow.  Though we’re not top in the division, we’ve had some greats wins and I know the current JV is going to do so well next year! It’s bittersweet, but I’m super happy that I got to be a ‘trivia ninja’ in my experience here. Meeting that which involved doughnuts and nerdy humor allowed students to learn in a laid back and casual manner.  Academic team is full of empowered young women who want to expand their horizons and are willing to put the extra mile into their work.

Cougars and Panthers

By: Olivia Bennett ’18

Marvel is back with yet another superhero movie! The highly anticipated film, Black Panther, debuted on February 16, and has already made over $242 million!

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Winter Olympics for Dummies

By: Lindsey Benhase ’19

alpineAlpine skiing is modern skiing with both downhills and slaloms. It is offered in both men’s and women’s.

biathlonThe biathlon combines cross country skiing and marksmanship (skiing and shooting). It is offered in both men’s and women’s.

bobsleighInvented by the Swiss in 1860, bobsledders make timed runs in a gravity-powered sled. Offered in two-women and two-men teams.

ccsThe oldest type of skiing, originally used to get around in Norway. The first competition was recorded in 1842.

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RoMaNceD: Blue Birds Searching for Love

Pawprints is celebrating Valentine’s Day by sharing proposal stories of MND’s faculty and staff. To make things more interesting, Pawprints will not reveal whose story belongs to whom until February 14th. Whose story is this? Stay tuned to Pawprints to find out!

By: Cara Wagner ’19

This beloved teacher’s proposal story is not only humorous but sounds like it is straight out of a romance film! A call from mom, a scavenger hunt, and some misadventures later, she was married on July 18, 1992 at St. Martin of Tours Church in Cincinnati. She loves her husband, Andrew, and they have been married for 25 years.

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RoMaNceD: Fountain Square

Pawprints is celebrating Valentine’s Day by sharing proposal stories of MND’s faculty and staff. To make things more interesting, Pawprints will not reveal whose story belongs to whom until February 14th. Whose story is this? Stay tuned to Pawprints to find out!

By: Ciara Tucker ’20

They say that people do the impossible for those they love. A certain Mount Notre Dame teacher and University of Dayton graduate can attest to that fact more than most.  Their relationship has endured periods of separation and an utter lack of understanding from mother nature, yet he persevered, and made his relationship stronger for it. Even though times were challenging, their 5-year wedding anniversary is coming up Oct. 26.

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RoMaNceD: Swept Up, Up, and Away

Pawprints is celebrating Valentine’s Day by sharing proposal stories of MND’s faculty and staff. To make things more interesting, Pawprints will not reveal whose story belongs to whom until February 14th. Whose story is this? Stay tuned to Pawprints to find out!

By: Clara Conover ’20

This couple met during their high school years when they both participated in Mount Notre Dame Theatre. From the stage to the steeple, they’ve been together for almost 13 years now.

After ten years of dating, this man decided to propose to his soon-to-be wife, Ellen, on her birthday. They lived in Los Angeles at the time. He put the ring into their DVD player and suggested they watch Up, their favorite movie, instead of going out. When she went to put the DVD into the DVD player, she discovered the ring. When she turned around, she saw him on one knee, asking her to marry him.

This couple incorporated the movie Up into both the proposal and the wedding.

Their first dance was to the song “Swept Away” by the Avett Brothers.

RoMaNceD: Grande Finale

Pawprints is celebrating Valentine’s Day by sharing proposal stories of MND’s faculty and staff. To make things more interesting, Pawprints will not reveal whose story belongs to whom until February 14th. Whose story is this? Stay tuned to Pawprints to find out!

By: Ciara Tucker ’20

It has been said that true love is loving someone for their quirks, not in spite of them.  This sentiment rings true in a Mount Notre Dame religion teacher’s proposal story over 18 years ago.  This couple’s story begins, like most do, on what seemed to be a regular day. She just got home from hanging out at her best friend’s house when she got a call from her future maid of honor who said her brother wanted to take her on a date.  The college student accepted the offer, hopeful for the endeavor.  Her husband still can recall in detail exactly what she was wearing and doing the first time he saw the love of his life.

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RoMaNceD: University of Notre Dame

Pawprints is celebrating Valentine’s Day by sharing proposal stories of MND’s faculty and staff. To make things more interesting, Pawprints will not reveal whose story belongs to whom until February 14th. Whose story is this? Stay tuned to Pawprints to find out!

By: Cara Wagner ’19

One summery Friday night in August, this bride-to-be sat talking for hours on a date at the Madtree Brewery in downtown Cincinnati. Little did she know that this man would become the love of her life, and soon, her fiancé. She met Steve on a dating app called Bumble. Their first date would only be the beginning of a lifelong relationship!

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The New Instagram “It” Girl

Is this a picture of a real person, or a computer generated SIM?

By: Mackenzie Vaughn ’20

The new Instagram social media “it” girl has everyone confused if she is real or not real. With her SIM-like features, she doesn’t look real, but in photos she is with real people. So, the question almost everyone is asking is, “Is lil Miquela real?”

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Favorite Superbowl Food?


By: Olivia Bennett ’18, Kamille Harris ’20, Lindsey Benhase ’19, Ciara Tucker ’20, Mackenzie Vaughn ’20

Twenty Things You’ll Understand If You Go To MND

Happy Friday!! MND Pawprints wishes everyone a happy Catholic Schools Week. God Bless!!

4. Singing the school song at assemblies

3. The most stressful part of your morning routine is deciding which shoes you should wear

2. ROO-HA!

1. Embracing your MND spirit with 600+ of your fellow cougars!!!


Twenty Things You’ll Understand If You Go To MND

MND Catholic Schools Week day four! What an exciting and spirited week it has been for the MND community! Happy Thursday!

8. Seeing a car with an MND sticker in public

7. Trying to establish a spot for you and your friends to sit during flex

6. The United We Won competition

5. Explaining what it’s like to use a tablet to your parents

Twenty Things You’ll Understand If You Go To MND

IMG_9566 (002).jpg
Twenty Things day three! Happy Catholic Schools Week!! Tune in tomorrow and Friday for more from Pawprints!

12. Going to Kenwood mall after school

11. Your tablet never has a full battery even though you always charge it

10. Getting stuck behind a slow train on the way to school

9. All your friends living in different neighborhoods

Chile Meets Skyline

By: Abby Beckham ’20

abby beckham caption
Rachel Creeden welcomes foreign exchange student Isidora Martinez Ramirez at the Chicago airport.

Mount Notre Dame has a phenomenal student exchange program where students can travel to many countries. This year students from Santiago, Chile who attend Villa Maria Academy came to attend Mount Notre Dame during their summer break. Since they are in the Southern hemisphere, their seasons are opposite of ours. The school year in Chile starts in March and ends in December. Summer break starts the end of December. Chile’s school year schedule is much different from ours in America!

Isidora Martinez Ramirez is a 16-year-old junior from Santiago, Chile who attends Villa Maria Academy. She is currently attending Mount Notre Dame as an exchange student. Isi’s host/sister in America is MND junior Rachel Creeden.

Isi says she has had some adjustments to culture in America.      “I have 3 sisters and no pets back home in Santiago but living with the Creeden family I have a brother and a sister and a big dog that lives inside the house! Having a brother is a new experience and because pet dogs in Chile live outside, having a big dog inside the house is definitely an adjustment!”

Imagine never having experienced snow! The first time Isi experienced snow was just in the last month here in Cincinnati. She says it was so weird! Isi also says the biggest difference in the people of her country to America is that people here are more conservative in the way Americans dress and speak to each other.

Isi also notices small difference in her school to ours. “I think our schools are very similar in terms of classes and our relationships with teachers, but I think MND is really big! My school is 3 floors but because it is in the city, there is less room compared to MND’s campus.”

Skyline is a huge favorite of Isi’s! The 3-way is her favorite thing on the menu and she has already been to Skyline plenty of times. She says her favorite thing about United States is the food and places. Isi has already skated downtown at Fountain Square, seen ‘Waitress’ the musical, and was stuck in Chicago for 9 hours!


abby 3.jpgabby 2.pngabby 1.png

Twenty Things You’ll Understand If You Go To MND

MND Catholic Schools Week day two! Stay tuned for more from Pawprints on Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday!


16. Going to volleyball games

15. Explaining to your non-MND friends that Fall Ball is MND’s version of homecoming

14. You’re most likely wearing Ugg’s, Sperry’s, Clarks, Nikes, or Adidas right now

13. MND’s cafeteria cookies (preferably microwaved)

Twenty Things You’ll Understand If You Go To MND

In the spirit of Catholic Schools Week, MND Pawprints has created “Twenty Things You’ll Understand If You Go To MND.” Everyday this week, Pawprints will release four new statements that all MND girls can relate to.


20. Waking up late and trying to beat the traffic on I-75

19. Going back to school after summer vacation and not knowing where your skirt is

18. Or even worse, trying to find your black pants/skirt on dress up days

17. You and your friends supporting either Moeller or St. X football

An Epidemic at our Hands

By: Kamille Harris ’20

Coughing, sneezing, and touching can spread germs just like that, including the flu.

The flu: an epidemic that is spreading far and wide throughout the US. The flu is an extremely contagious respiratory illness. There are many different types of the flu such as A, B, and C. Types A and B are sniffling, aching, coughing, and high fevers. Type C causes the flu as well, but the symptoms are not as severe as type A and B. Type A is the most common flu virus, has the most severe symptoms,  and is responsible for the flu epidemics. Type B is similar to type A, but type B can only be found in humans and the symptoms are not as severe.

Sophomore Ty Houck said, “Having the flu was like your whole body going into shutdown mode.”

The United States is currently experiencing a flu epidemic. The flu is very serious and can be deadly. The flu has spread into 49 states and continues to spread quickly and easily. This has been the first time in over a decade that this many states have been hit by the flu at the same time. Some of the drug stores have been running out of medicine because of so many people having the flu. As of right now, 21 children have died from the flu this year and the numbers are rising. In California 43 people under that age of 65 have died from the flu as well. The governor of Alabama had declared a state of emergency because of the overwhelming number of sick people.

Mount Notre Dame students have also been hit by the flu. Multiple people at MND have caught it and are still recovering. There has been a notice of increased absences before and after the Christmas break.

Attendance Coordinator Mrs. Posge said, “We had a few absences before Christmas break but there has been a definite increase since classes have resumed.”

Don’t worry, though.  The flu epidemic is almost over. The CDC are starting to see more of type B, a less severe strain, which the flu shot is geared towards. It’s never too late to get a flu shot, which can prevent becoming the next victim.

Brrr-utally Cold Weather Hits the U.S.

By: Lindsey Benhase ’19

Runways and airplanes alike were covered in snow and ice at JFK Airport. At the New York airport on January 4, two airplanes collided due to the horrible weather conditions. Luckily all passengers got off safely with no injuries.

Many records have already been broken in 2018 with brutally cold temperatures incomparable to the past. Wind chills below 0 degrees, roads covered in ice, and snow blanketing the ground in places where residents have never seen snow, have all contributed to what will be a winter that goes down in history.

On the East Coast, winds have been reported of up to 70 mph, as well as 18 inches of snow in the first week of 2018. Most airports have had hundreds of delays and cancellations. At John F. Kennedy International Airport some passengers have experienced delays up to 20 hours. Charleston International Airport completely shut down for four days, opening back up on Sunday January 7. The airport was not prepared with plows or salt due to the very small amount, if any, of snow that they usually get.

In the south, some residents in Florida and Texas have seen snow for the first time in their lives. Florida’s capital, Tallahassee, and southeast Georgia saw extremely rare 6 inches of snow in the first couple weeks of January. During the week of December 15, winter storm Inga hit, causing hundreds of delayed flights in big cities like Atlanta and Houston, along with snow sightings in Panama City and Destin, Florida. In Alabama, a warning of 2 inches last week caused Gov. Kay Ivey to declare a state of emergency. Many residents of the south aren’t used to snow, so even a little bit can shut a city down.

This is going to be a winter to remember for the record setting cold and snow, but don’t get fooled by the current heat wave. Another winter storm is set to hit the Midwest this week, so bundle up and stay warm!


What Was Your Favorite Christmas Break Activity?

Things to do in Cincinnati During the Holiday Season!

Going to the Cincinnati Zoo’s Festival of Lights is one of the most common holiday trips made in the winter. The Zoo is all decorated for the holidays along with some of the animals who can resist the cold weather! In this photo provided by the Cincinnati Zoo Festival of Lights.


The holiday season is quickly approaching and there are so many things you can do to keep from boredom and staying in bed all day.

The Festival of Lights at the Cincinnati Zoo is one of the many things you can do in winter this year. The event officially opens to the public on Saturday Nov. 18. It is open from Sunday-Thursday 5pm to 9 pm and Friday-Saturday 5-10pm. Starting at six there’s Jeff and Jenn Christmas Choir performance, then at 6:15 the official tree lighting ceremony begins, and at 6:30 the Santa visits begin!

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The Show That Lit Cincinnati!

Crowds of people at the BLINK event wait in line to get a chance to ride the exciting lighting up see-saw in Smale park. Every time a side of the see-saw hits the ground that half lights up

On Oct. 12 through Oct. 15, downtown Cincinnati held the largest light show in the nation: BLINK. It is estimated that one million people attended the light show which made BLINK’s attendance more than Riverfest, Taste of Cincinnati, and Oktoberfest Zinzinnati. BLINK spanned 20 city block! There was such a massive amount of people due to this event being so open to the public with free admission and much publicity. Not only was the show amazing to look at and interact with, but there was delicious, diverse food all around. Senior Olivia Bennett attended the BLINK show and said she loved it! Bennett mentions how it was such an amazing place to be with her family and that it had beautiful scenery.

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A Story on Paper to a Story on Film

Junior Cara Wagner reads the Archie and The Gang Comics during class!

Riverdale, a show that contains never ending drama and a hunt to find an unknown killer, was available on Netflix on May 18, 2017, however, this was not the first time the public had seen Riverdale‘s characters and story line. The story line was a spin off from a comic book series called Archie and the Gang.

Senior Olivia Bennett comments, “I’ve been watching it since it first came out and I am hooked because of all the suspense. I honestly had no idea it was a comic before becoming a show!”

The initial characters, Archie, Jughead, Betty and Veronica, made their first appearance in Pep Comics in December of 1941 and still appear in the Riverdale show today.

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The Voice of “Cinderella”

By the MND Pawprints staff writers

Former Galilean Home resident Jean Beaudelaire performs for MND students in the chapel.

On Friday, November 17, MND Cougars were treated to the inspirational music of Jean Beaudelaire,  composer, musician, and singer.  Jean’s  life story is a beautiful testament to the graces that flow when people trust God to lead them through life’s trials.  Jean shared a little about his story as a growing boy in Haiti.  He immigrated to America at age 9  to seek medical treatment for his leg.  He settled in Liberty, KY into the welcoming Galilean Home.  Adopted and raised by Sandy and Jerry Tucker, Jean received needed medical care including a prostatic leg.  In the rural, serene environment of Kentucky, Jean developed his musical talents.  Now married with two children, Jean travels the region sharing his story through his music. Continue reading “The Voice of “Cinderella””

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