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A Story on Paper to a Story on Film

Junior Cara Wagner reads the Archie and The Gang Comics during class!

Riverdale, a show that contains never ending drama and a hunt to find an unknown killer, was available on Netflix on May 18, 2017, however, this was not the first time the public had seen Riverdale‘s characters and story line. The story line was a spin off from a comic book series called Archie and the Gang.

Senior Olivia Bennett comments, “I’ve been watching it since it first came out and I am hooked because of all the suspense. I honestly had no idea it was a comic before becoming a show!”

The initial characters, Archie, Jughead, Betty and Veronica, made their first appearance in Pep Comics in December of 1941 and still appear in the Riverdale show today.

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The Voice of “Cinderella”

By the MND Pawprints staff writers

Former Galilean Home resident Jean Beaudelaire performs for MND students in the chapel.

On Friday, November 17, MND Cougars were treated to the inspirational music of Jean Beaudelaire,  composer, musician, and singer.  Jean’s  life story is a beautiful testament to the graces that flow when people trust God to lead them through life’s trials.  Jean shared a little about his story as a growing boy in Haiti.  He immigrated to America at age 9  to seek medical treatment for his leg.  He settled in Liberty, KY into the welcoming Galilean Home.  Adopted and raised by Sandy and Jerry Tucker, Jean received needed medical care including a prostatic leg.  In the rural, serene environment of Kentucky, Jean developed his musical talents.  Now married with two children, Jean travels the region sharing his story through his music. Continue reading “The Voice of “Cinderella””

Shadowing Season!

The shadow season is in full swing for the class of 2021! Freshman Lily Fritz spent Nov. 9, 2017 showcasing the spirit of MND to prospective eighth grade student, Maggie Butkovich. “It’s great being able to show off Mount Notre Dame” Fritz says, “I love the school.”



By: Olivia Long ’19

Bring Literature to Life

Students in Mrs. Julie Hagerty’s AP Literature class show off the dance they learned to enrich their reading. Senior Grace Hall commented, “For our class we learned a ‘Tarantella’s’ dance because it was in a play we read called “A Doll’s House.” The students learned this dance and then performed and taught it to the rest of the class!




By: Cara Wagner ’19

Creative Cougars’ College Careers

If “all the world’s a stage” then seniors Amber Lewis, Gabi Smith and Amber Reinert are playing the parts of seniors with an incredible amount of grace and compassion.  As the season of college application approaches Mount Notre Dame seniors are choosing schools, writing essays and preparing to begin their college career.  It has been a long and eventful journey but MND’s class of 2018 has written their hearts out, found their passions and set themselves up for success.

Amber Reinhart and Gabi Smith are excited to begin their path towards choosing a college. Mount Notre Dame has prepared these girls to think about and be ready for college since freshman year.

An important part of the college application process is writing a college essay. What someone writes about for a college essay says a lot about them, it’s the picture of themselves they put forward to the world and should be about something important.  It may be a simple event that had a bigger meaning or a memory that influences how someone sees the world, but is has to be something that really matters to its author.

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Food for Thought

By:  Cara Wagner

As soon as Block EF arrives, it’s time for most MND students’ favorite part of the day: Lunch! Though food is a vital component of the MND lifestyle, opinions about the numerous meal options in the cafeteria are divided.

Sophomore Mackenzie Vaughn displays two staples of an MND lunch, as many students often purchase pasta and the famous MND chocolate chip cookies. She has been buying her lunch since Freshman year. “I never pack my lunch (because) the food is great!”

The MND cafeteria has a wide variety of food options, ranging from grilled cheese to hot dogs to snacks including chips and cookies. There is also a salad bar, and the outside line includes choices like breadsticks, pasta, and mini chicken sandwiches. In addition, there are many breakfast options including mini sausage sandwiches and hash browns. However, there are some meals that seem to be more popular with MND students.

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Learning in the Classroom and Behind the Wheel

By:  Addy Werling

Like many of her classmates, Rachael Horst, sophomore, turns sixteen and hits the road for her first time with her driver’s license. After many hours spent at Driver’s Ed classes and many in-car hours, Horst is excited to finally have her freedom behind the wheel. “It was a lot of practicing,” Horst says, “but now that I can finally drive myself places, it’s totally worth it.”

There are some new sophomore drivers at MND who are hitting the road for the first time after turning sixteen and receiving their driver’s licenses. This is an exciting time for the sophomores, but it can also be a stressful. Teens must put in a lot of practice and preparation before they have their freedom on the road, from driver’s education classes, to in-cars, to driver’s tests.

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What is Your Favorite Fall Starbuck’s Drink?

By: Olivia Bennett ’18

Riding with a Passion

By Olivia Bennett

Sit up straight, with your heels down, shoulders squared, and eyes focused. Hold on tight to the reins, and take a deep breath. The sound of steady gallops ring as the wind pushes and whistles through the air. The excitement flies through her stomach as she rides her horse swiftly and gracefully through open fields. This is just another day in the life of Senior Morgan Reifsteck.

Senior Morgan Reifsteck wins first place at her horse show on Oct. 14, 2017. “Winning a show is the best feeling in the world,” says Reifsteck.

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