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Pawprints is celebrating Valentine’s Day by sharing proposal stories of MND’s faculty and staff. To make things more interesting, Pawprints will not reveal whose story belongs to whom until February 14th. Whose story is this? Stay tuned to Pawprints to find out!

By: Cara Wagner ’19

This beloved teacher’s proposal story is not only humorous but sounds like it is straight out of a romance film! A call from mom, a scavenger hunt, and some misadventures later, she was married on July 18, 1992 at St. Martin of Tours Church in Cincinnati. She loves her husband, Andrew, and they have been married for 25 years.

This couple met in college, when they were both chemistry majors. One day, he approached her to say hello. After that, the rest is history. They went on dates through college, and their relationship continued to grow. Now, they are both teachers. She teaches at MND and he teaches at St. X!

Their proposal story begins on July 21, 1989, while she was helping her father at work. They suddenly received an extremely urgent phone call from her mother telling them to come home immediately! Fearing an emergency, she and her father hopped in the car and sped home. However, instead of a terrible situation awaiting them, they found her mother in the kitchen holding a note. Upon reading it, she realized it was a clue! It let her to a nearby candy store that she visited many times. She then traveled to the candy store. Upon entering, she recalls that the workers were very giggly and excited, and she knew that something must be happening. They handed her a clue that took her to the flower store where her sister worked. She left with a dozen long-stemmed roses and rushed home, throwing the roses at her mother before changing her shoes and hurrying to the park. At the edge of the park, she caught a glimpse of her now-husband standing in the middle of a soybean field. She stood and watched in awe as bluebirds flew around his head and he beamed towards her.

She laughs, recalling the moment and the comedy of the whole situation. “he looked like something out of a Disney movie,” she remarks, “bluebirds and all.”

After trekking into the field, he got down on one knee and held the ring she still prizes today. She said yes through tears of joy. Suddenly, the farmer who owned the field drove past on his tractor and asked the newly engaged couple if they wanted to view the nearby bog. Amused, they declined, before strolling out of the field hand in hand.

“I think the part that means the most to me is that he took a lot of time to plan something really special that included people and places that are important to me,” she remarks. “He worked with my parents and friends to make it an unforgettable experience.”

Whether it was dancing to their first dance song, “All I Ask of You,” shopping for her extremely cheap wedding dress, or the lawn ornament sheep her husband gave her parents before their wedding, she will never forget this time in her life. This love story sounds like it came straight out of the movies, and it really was a dream come true for this wonderful teacher!


Pawprints is celebrating Valentine’s Day by sharing proposal stories of MND’s faculty and staff. To make things more interesting, Pawprints will not reveal whose story belongs to whom until February 14th. Whose story is this? Stay tuned to Pawprints to find out!

By: Ciara Tucker ’20

They say that people do the impossible for those they love. A certain Mount Notre Dame teacher and University of Dayton graduate can attest to that fact more than most.  Their relationship has endured periods of separation and an utter lack of understanding from mother nature, yet he persevered, and made his relationship stronger for it. Even though times were challenging, their 5-year wedding anniversary is coming up Oct. 26.

The couple met their first day of freshman year and started dating, at the prompting of his roommates, their senior year.  Their relationship was tested for the first time when she moved to California for graduate school, but this teacher made it work despite differences, sending his homesick girlfriend a box of leaves when she missed Ohio seasons.

When his soon-to-be wife moved back home to finish getting her graduate degree, he already knew this was the woman he wanted to marry, but he also knew she wanted to wait until graduation.  So, he waited and prepared by getting his grandmother’s ring and going on a mad dash to ask her entire family for permission until the moment was right.

The day he proposed, this teacher invited all their friends to a mutual friend’s house so that his wife-to-be could announce their engagement herself.  After the meal, he drove to Fountain Square, where he planned to propose, under the impression that they were killing time before a movie.  However, the second they got to the spot where he planned to propose it started raining and they were forced to run into Graeters.  The teacher was obviously a little frustrated but composed himself and suggested they head to the water front by Newport. His soon-to-be fiancé was a bit confused but went along with her boyfriend’s plan and walked to the car.  Of course, the second they pulled out of the lot, the rain stopped.

When they arrived at fountain square, though a little frazzled, the excited teacher proposed to the love of his life and was ecstatically accepted.


Pawprints is celebrating Valentine’s Day by sharing proposal stories of MND’s faculty and staff. To make things more interesting, Pawprints will not reveal whose story belongs to whom until February 14th. Whose story is this? Stay tuned to Pawprints to find out!

By: Clara Conover ’20

This couple met during their high school years when they both participated in Mount Notre Dame Theatre. From the stage to the steeple, they’ve been together for almost 13 years now.

After ten years of dating, this man decided to propose to his soon-to-be wife, Ellen, on her birthday. They lived in Los Angeles at the time. He put the ring into their DVD player and suggested they watch Up, their favorite movie, instead of going out. When she went to put the DVD into the DVD player, she discovered the ring. When she turned around, she saw him on one knee, asking her to marry him.

This couple incorporated the movie Up into both the proposal and the wedding.

Their first dance was to the song “Swept Away” by the Avett Brothers.


Pawprints is celebrating Valentine’s Day by sharing proposal stories of MND’s faculty and staff. To make things more interesting, Pawprints will not reveal whose story belongs to whom until February 14th. Whose story is this? Stay tuned to Pawprints to find out!

By: Ciara Tucker ’20

It has been said that true love is loving someone for their quarks, not in spite of them.  This sentiment rings true in a Mount Notre Dame religion teacher’s proposal story over 18 years ago.  Her and her husband’s story begins, like most do, on what seemed to be a regular day. She just got home from hanging out at her best friend’s house when she got a call from her future maid of honor who said her brother wanted to take her on a date.  The college student accepted the offer, hopeful for the endeavor.  Her husband still can recall in detail exactly what she was wearing and doing the first time he saw the love of his life.

The date was something this teacher would never forget; her soon to be husband packed a picnic lunch and took her to Sharon Woods.  They talked for hours about their families and plans for the future for hours.  Looking back at the event, she can recall a single though that flashed through her mind after their conversation, “I think I’m going to marry him.”

After that first date, the couple’s courtship continued for a year and a half. Even with tricky ex boyfriends, the teacher said she always new “he was going to be someone special in my (her) life.”

When the two came to the realization that a proposal was on the horizon, this MND staff member had a few requests from her fiancé to be.  She wanted a surprise, so the proposal couldn’t be on a holiday, she also “wanted him to say the phrase ‘will you marry me?’”

Abiding by his restrictions, her soon-to-be-husband went to work planning a proposal for the day before Valentine’s day at Grand Finale restaurant in Cincinnati.  He asked her to dinner to celebrate before because they were attending a couples’ retreat the next day.  The teacher recalls the punny reasoning behind his restaurant choice.  “He planned to propose at the end of the meal- the grand finale”

As they sat down to dinner, this teacher had no idea that after the main course she would be seeing fireworks at meal’s end.  In fact, she was aggravated that her then boyfriend had joked about engagement ring shopping before the meal saying she “just wanted him to take control.”

Little did she know that the ring had been picked out weeks earlier by her best friend and soon to-be sister-in-law and was burning a hole in her boyfriend’s pocket for most of the meal.  After the main course, the teacher went to use the restroom as per usual and her boyfriend handed a camera to the waiter, so he could have a picture of what was sure to be one of the best moments of his life.  She returned, and she started to talk as her husband brushed his napkin onto the floor and got onto one knee to pick it up.  “I didn’t even notice at first,” she smiled when telling her fairytale proposal story, “I looked over and there he was.”

Her husband looked her in the eyes and asked her to be his wife and she accepted him with an open heart.  After she got back home, the teacher called her sister to tell her the good news only to hear about an amazing guy she had met that very night, a man who she would eventually marry.

The wedding was the sixth of May 2000, and the religion teacher planned nearly the whole mass from location to the scriptures and songs used, and she added a lot of music.  Although they used her husband’s priest for the ceremony, the wedding was at St. Joe’s the chapel at her college. The teacher said the church “was really special for me, I used to go there to pray all the time.”

In typical MND fashion, the teacher lost her shoes midway through the reception and danced the night away.  Her first dance of the night and as a married woman was to “The Way You Look Tonight” by Frank Sinatra.

For this teacher, love is her anniversary at Grand Finale, long talks, and chocolate cake on her birthday.  It’s celebrating her relationship because as she puts it “marriage is hard; and you deserve to celebrate.”



Pawprints is celebrating Valentine’s Day by sharing proposal stories of MND’s faculty and staff. To make things more interesting, Pawprints will not reveal whose story belongs to whom until February 14th. Whose story is this? Stay tuned to Pawprints to find out!

By: Cara Wagner ’19

One summery Friday night in August, this bride-to-be sat talking for hours on a date at the Madtree Brewery in downtown Cincinnati. Little did she know that this man would become the love of her life, and soon, her fiancé. She met Steve on a dating app called Bumble. Their first date would only be the beginning of a lifelong relationship!

They only knew each other for eight months when he popped the question on June 15th near the beautiful grotto at Notre Dame. The couple spent the day touring the beautiful church, and she recalls noticing Steve becoming anxious. However, as the tour finished, they simply walked back outside and moved towards the grotto. After praying together at the statue of Mary, Steve led her to the pristine lake down the hill.

He initiated their little expression, saying, “hi I love you.” She responded, “hi I love you too.” And this time, instead of saying, “great, let’s date!” as he usually did, he exclaimed, “great, let’s get married!”

Even though she had marriage in the back of her mind and was wondering when he was going to propose, she didn’t want to get her hopes up. But sure enough, he pulled her in for a kiss, fidgeting around while they were embraced.

She smiles, remembering her confusion at his strange actions and sweaty palms.

“And next thing I know, he’s down on one knee, and he has the ring!” she comments, recalling the moment.

He went on to name all the wonderful qualities about her, and she recollects crying. She also remembers that he couldn’t get the ring on her finger that had swelled in the stifling June heat, so she grabbed it and put it on herself!

Even before this proposal, she knew that Steve was the man she wanted to spend the rest of her life with. Early in their relationship, her grandfather, who she was quite close to, unfortunately passed away. Her now-fiancé was by her side in the days that followed, as she sifted through photos, memories and her grief. After he supported her through this difficult time, their relationship only became stronger.

“In that moment… I already knew that he was somebody special, but I was like, ‘this is like an amazing, amazing man and I can’t let that one get away.” She begins to tear up as she reflects on how much she loves Steve, and how much he is an encouraging and loving force in her life.

They will be married on July 21st at St. Boniface church in Cincinnati. It is very important to her that she is married at this church, as it had been part of their family’s life for generations. In addition, she looks forward to their first dance, which she is going to choreograph with her fiancé to the song “May I Have This Dance” by Francis and the Lights ft. Chance the Rapper. For their honeymoon, the couple plans to go to Spain.

“My heart is so happy. I’m so filled with joy every time I’m with him and…I (have) never loved someone so much (in) my whole life,” she comments, describing this time in her life as extremely joyful. She looks forward to spending her life with the man that cares about her and supports her in everything she does, especially her faith. She is so grateful for that fateful August day that changed her entire world: when two people met as strangers and left as soulmates.

The New Instagram “It” Girl

Is this a picture of a real person, or a computer generated SIM?

By: Mackenzie Vaughn ’20

The new Instagram social media “it” girl has everyone confused if she is real or not real. With her SIM-like features, she doesn’t look real, but in photos she is with real people. So, the question almost everyone is asking is, “Is lil Miquela real?”

There is a person that digitally enhances photos to make everything look like a SIM. People are convinced it is her doing this since the people sort of look exactly like Miquela.

Towards the end of 2017, Miquela did an interview over the phone with Youtuber Shane Dawson. In the interview with Dawson, he asked Miquela who she was, and she replied, “This may be shocking, but I’m Miquela.” This kept people still dumbfounded and asking the same question, “Who is Miquela?”

Later YouTuber and makeup artist James Charles did some digging. Charles searched Miquela’s Instagram page and found a video from Paris Fashion Week. In the video, a woman can be seen in an orange scarf two seat down from Miquela. So, Charles went on YouTube and found a video from the fashion. He saw the orange scarf, then two seats down he saw Miquela, but the person taking the video was a man. Charles said, “Cracked the case.” But the question is: did Charles really crack the case of who Lil Miquela is?

Miquela has also rejected the theory of her being created by a company to advertise their products. Many fans also believe that she is Darth Bader, an Instagram model, because of their resemblance. People still don’t know who Lil Miquela is, but they are getting closer to solving who she really is.

Favorite Superbowl Food?


By: Olivia Bennett ’18, Kamille Harris ’20, Lindsey Benhase ’19, Ciara Tucker ’20, Mackenzie Vaughn ’20

Twenty Things You’ll Understand If You Go To MND

Happy Friday!! MND Pawprints wishes everyone a happy Catholic Schools Week. God Bless!!

4. Singing the school song at assemblies

3. The most stressful part of your morning routine is deciding which shoes you should wear

2. ROO-HA!

1. Embracing your MND spirit with 600+ of your fellow cougars!!!


Twenty Things You’ll Understand If You Go To MND

MND Catholic Schools Week day four! What an exciting and spirited week it has been for the MND community! Happy Thursday!

8. Seeing a car with an MND sticker in public

7. Trying to establish a spot for you and your friends to sit during flex

6. The United We Won competition

5. Explaining what it’s like to use a tablet to your parents

Twenty Things You’ll Understand If You Go To MND

IMG_9566 (002).jpg
Twenty Things day three! Happy Catholic Schools Week!! Tune in tomorrow and Friday for more from Pawprints!

12. Going to Kenwood mall after school

11. Your tablet never has a full battery even though you always charge it

10. Getting stuck behind a slow train on the way to school

9. All your friends living in different neighborhoods

Chile Meets Skyline

By: Abby Beckham ’20

abby beckham caption
Rachel Creeden welcomes foreign exchange student Isidora Martinez Ramirez at the Chicago airport.

Mount Notre Dame has a phenomenal student exchange program where students can travel to many countries. This year students from Santiago, Chile who attend Villa Maria Academy came to attend Mount Notre Dame during their summer break. Since they are in the Southern hemisphere, their seasons are opposite of ours. The school year in Chile starts in March and ends in December. Summer break starts the end of December. Chile’s school year schedule is much different from ours in America!

Isidora Martinez Ramirez is a 16-year-old junior from Santiago, Chile who attends Villa Maria Academy. She is currently attending Mount Notre Dame as an exchange student. Isi’s host/sister in America is MND junior Rachel Creeden.

Isi says she has had some adjustments to culture in America.      “I have 3 sisters and no pets back home in Santiago but living with the Creeden family I have a brother and a sister and a big dog that lives inside the house! Having a brother is a new experience and because pet dogs in Chile live outside, having a big dog inside the house is definitely an adjustment!”

Imagine never having experienced snow! The first time Isi experienced snow was just in the last month here in Cincinnati. She says it was so weird! Isi also says the biggest difference in the people of her country to America is that people here are more conservative in the way Americans dress and speak to each other.

Isi also notices small difference in her school to ours. “I think our schools are very similar in terms of classes and our relationships with teachers, but I think MND is really big! My school is 3 floors but because it is in the city, there is less room compared to MND’s campus.”

Skyline is a huge favorite of Isi’s! The 3-way is her favorite thing on the menu and she has already been to Skyline plenty of times. She says her favorite thing about United States is the food and places. Isi has already skated downtown at Fountain Square, seen ‘Waitress’ the musical, and was stuck in Chicago for 9 hours!


abby 3.jpgabby 2.pngabby 1.png

Twenty Things You’ll Understand If You Go To MND

MND Catholic Schools Week day two! Stay tuned for more from Pawprints on Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday!


16. Going to volleyball games

15. Explaining to your non-MND friends that Fall Ball is MND’s version of homecoming

14. You’re most likely wearing Ugg’s, Sperry’s, Clarks, Nikes, or Adidas right now

13. MND’s cafeteria cookies (preferably microwaved)

Twenty Things You’ll Understand If You Go To MND

In the spirit of Catholic Schools Week, MND Pawprints has created “Twenty Things You’ll Understand If You Go To MND.” Everyday this week, Pawprints will release four new statements that all MND girls can relate to.


20. Waking up late and trying to beat the traffic on I-75

19. Going back to school after summer vacation and not knowing where your skirt is

18. Or even worse, trying to find your black pants/skirt on dress up days

17. You and your friends supporting either Moeller or St. X football

An Epidemic at our Hands

By: Kamille Harris ’20

Coughing, sneezing, and touching can spread germs just like that, including the flu.

The flu: an epidemic that is spreading far and wide throughout the US. The flu is an extremely contagious respiratory illness. There are many different types of the flu such as A, B, and C. Types A and B are sniffling, aching, coughing, and high fevers. Type C causes the flu as well, but the symptoms are not as severe as type A and B. Type A is the most common flu virus, has the most severe symptoms,  and is responsible for the flu epidemics. Type B is similar to type A, but type B can only be found in humans and the symptoms are not as severe.

Sophomore Ty Houck said, “Having the flu was like your whole body going into shutdown mode.”

The United States is currently experiencing a flu epidemic. The flu is very serious and can be deadly. The flu has spread into 49 states and continues to spread quickly and easily. This has been the first time in over a decade that this many states have been hit by the flu at the same time. Some of the drug stores have been running out of medicine because of so many people having the flu. As of right now, 21 children have died from the flu this year and the numbers are rising. In California 43 people under that age of 65 have died from the flu as well. The governor of Alabama had declared a state of emergency because of the overwhelming number of sick people.

Mount Notre Dame students have also been hit by the flu. Multiple people at MND have caught it and are still recovering. There has been a notice of increased absences before and after the Christmas break.

Attendance Coordinator Mrs. Posge said, “We had a few absences before Christmas break but there has been a definite increase since classes have resumed.”

Don’t worry, though.  The flu epidemic is almost over. The CDC are starting to see more of type B, a less severe strain, which the flu shot is geared towards. It’s never too late to get a flu shot, which can prevent becoming the next victim.

Brrr-utally Cold Weather Hits the U.S.

By: Lindsey Benhase ’19

Runways and airplanes alike were covered in snow and ice at JFK Airport. At the New York airport on January 4, two airplanes collided due to the horrible weather conditions. Luckily all passengers got off safely with no injuries.

Many records have already been broken in 2018 with brutally cold temperatures incomparable to the past. Wind chills below 0 degrees, roads covered in ice, and snow blanketing the ground in places where residents have never seen snow, have all contributed to what will be a winter that goes down in history.

On the East Coast, winds have been reported of up to 70 mph, as well as 18 inches of snow in the first week of 2018. Most airports have had hundreds of delays and cancellations. At John F. Kennedy International Airport some passengers have experienced delays up to 20 hours. Charleston International Airport completely shut down for four days, opening back up on Sunday January 7. The airport was not prepared with plows or salt due to the very small amount, if any, of snow that they usually get.

In the south, some residents in Florida and Texas have seen snow for the first time in their lives. Florida’s capital, Tallahassee, and southeast Georgia saw extremely rare 6 inches of snow in the first couple weeks of January. During the week of December 15, winter storm Inga hit, causing hundreds of delayed flights in big cities like Atlanta and Houston, along with snow sightings in Panama City and Destin, Florida. In Alabama, a warning of 2 inches last week caused Gov. Kay Ivey to declare a state of emergency. Many residents of the south aren’t used to snow, so even a little bit can shut a city down.

This is going to be a winter to remember for the record setting cold and snow, but don’t get fooled by the current heat wave. Another winter storm is set to hit the Midwest this week, so bundle up and stay warm!


What Was Your Favorite Christmas Break Activity?

Things to do in Cincinnati During the Holiday Season!

Going to the Cincinnati Zoo’s Festival of Lights is one of the most common holiday trips made in the winter. The Zoo is all decorated for the holidays along with some of the animals who can resist the cold weather! In this photo provided by the Cincinnati Zoo Festival of Lights.


The holiday season is quickly approaching and there are so many things you can do to keep from boredom and staying in bed all day.

The Festival of Lights at the Cincinnati Zoo is one of the many things you can do in winter this year. The event officially opens to the public on Saturday Nov. 18. It is open from Sunday-Thursday 5pm to 9 pm and Friday-Saturday 5-10pm. Starting at six there’s Jeff and Jenn Christmas Choir performance, then at 6:15 the official tree lighting ceremony begins, and at 6:30 the Santa visits begin!

Continue reading “Things to do in Cincinnati During the Holiday Season!”

The Show That Lit Cincinnati!

Crowds of people at the BLINK event wait in line to get a chance to ride the exciting lighting up see-saw in Smale park. Every time a side of the see-saw hits the ground that half lights up

On Oct. 12 through Oct. 15, downtown Cincinnati held the largest light show in the nation: BLINK. It is estimated that one million people attended the light show which made BLINK’s attendance more than Riverfest, Taste of Cincinnati, and Oktoberfest Zinzinnati. BLINK spanned 20 city block! There was such a massive amount of people due to this event being so open to the public with free admission and much publicity. Not only was the show amazing to look at and interact with, but there was delicious, diverse food all around. Senior Olivia Bennett attended the BLINK show and said she loved it! Bennett mentions how it was such an amazing place to be with her family and that it had beautiful scenery.

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A Story on Paper to a Story on Film

Junior Cara Wagner reads the Archie and The Gang Comics during class!

Riverdale, a show that contains never ending drama and a hunt to find an unknown killer, was available on Netflix on May 18, 2017, however, this was not the first time the public had seen Riverdale‘s characters and story line. The story line was a spin off from a comic book series called Archie and the Gang.

Senior Olivia Bennett comments, “I’ve been watching it since it first came out and I am hooked because of all the suspense. I honestly had no idea it was a comic before becoming a show!”

The initial characters, Archie, Jughead, Betty and Veronica, made their first appearance in Pep Comics in December of 1941 and still appear in the Riverdale show today.

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The Voice of “Cinderella”

By the MND Pawprints staff writers

Former Galilean Home resident Jean Beaudelaire performs for MND students in the chapel.

On Friday, November 17, MND Cougars were treated to the inspirational music of Jean Beaudelaire,  composer, musician, and singer.  Jean’s  life story is a beautiful testament to the graces that flow when people trust God to lead them through life’s trials.  Jean shared a little about his story as a growing boy in Haiti.  He immigrated to America at age 9  to seek medical treatment for his leg.  He settled in Liberty, KY into the welcoming Galilean Home.  Adopted and raised by Sandy and Jerry Tucker, Jean received needed medical care including a prostatic leg.  In the rural, serene environment of Kentucky, Jean developed his musical talents.  Now married with two children, Jean travels the region sharing his story through his music. Continue reading “The Voice of “Cinderella””

Shadowing Season!

The shadow season is in full swing for the class of 2021! Freshman Lily Fritz spent Nov. 9, 2017 showcasing the spirit of MND to prospective eighth grade student, Maggie Butkovich. “It’s great being able to show off Mount Notre Dame” Fritz says, “I love the school.”














By: Olivia Long ’19

Bring Literature to Life

Students in Mrs. Julie Hagerty’s AP Literature class show off the dance they learned to enrich their reading. Senior Grace Hall commented, “For our class we learned a ‘Tarantella’s’ dance because it was in a play we read called “A Doll’s House.” The students learned this dance and then performed and taught it to the rest of the class!












By: Cara Wagner ’19

Creative Cougars’ College Careers

If “all the world’s a stage” then seniors Amber Lewis, Gabi Smith and Amber Reinert are playing the parts of seniors with an incredible amount of grace and compassion.  As the season of college application approaches Mount Notre Dame seniors are choosing schools, writing essays and preparing to begin their college career.  It has been a long and eventful journey but MND’s class of 2018 has written their hearts out, found their passions and set themselves up for success.

Amber Reinhart and Gabi Smith are excited to begin their path towards choosing a college. Mount Notre Dame has prepared these girls to think about and be ready for college since freshman year.

An important part of the college application process is writing a college essay. What someone writes about for a college essay says a lot about them, it’s the picture of themselves they put forward to the world and should be about something important.  It may be a simple event that had a bigger meaning or a memory that influences how someone sees the world, but is has to be something that really matters to its author.

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Food for Thought

By:  Cara Wagner

As soon as Block EF arrives, it’s time for most MND students’ favorite part of the day: Lunch! Though food is a vital component of the MND lifestyle, opinions about the numerous meal options in the cafeteria are divided.

Sophomore Mackenzie Vaughn displays two staples of an MND lunch, as many students often purchase pasta and the famous MND chocolate chip cookies. She has been buying her lunch since Freshman year. “I never pack my lunch (because) the food is great!”

The MND cafeteria has a wide variety of food options, ranging from grilled cheese to hot dogs to snacks including chips and cookies. There is also a salad bar, and the outside line includes choices like breadsticks, pasta, and mini chicken sandwiches. In addition, there are many breakfast options including mini sausage sandwiches and hash browns. However, there are some meals that seem to be more popular with MND students.

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Learning in the Classroom and Behind the Wheel

By:  Addy Werling

Like many of her classmates, Rachael Horst, sophomore, turns sixteen and hits the road for her first time with her driver’s license. After many hours spent at Driver’s Ed classes and many in-car hours, Horst is excited to finally have her freedom behind the wheel. “It was a lot of practicing,” Horst says, “but now that I can finally drive myself places, it’s totally worth it.”

There are some new sophomore drivers at MND who are hitting the road for the first time after turning sixteen and receiving their driver’s licenses. This is an exciting time for the sophomores, but it can also be a stressful. Teens must put in a lot of practice and preparation before they have their freedom on the road, from driver’s education classes, to in-cars, to driver’s tests.

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What is Your Favorite Christmas Song?

By: Cara Wagner ’19

Riding with a Passion

By Olivia Bennett

Sit up straight, with your heels down, shoulders squared, and eyes focused. Hold on tight to the reins, and take a deep breath. The sound of steady gallops ring as the wind pushes and whistles through the air. The excitement flies through her stomach as she rides her horse swiftly and gracefully through open fields. This is just another day in the life of Senior Morgan Reifsteck.

Senior Morgan Reifsteck wins first place at her horse show on Oct. 14, 2017. “Winning a show is the best feeling in the world,” says Reifsteck.

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MND Spooktacular: The Church Suffering

By:  Liv Long and Clara Conover


In churches, prayer can be heard for souls in purgatory. But, what does the church really think of ghosts? Father Mike Schmitz says, “They’re doing this to get our attention, so that you and I, as the church militant, can pray for them.”

During this spooky season, ghost stories are at an all-time high. But, what does the Catholic Church believe about these tales? Father Mike Schmitz from Ascension Presents has the answers. He explains that there aren’t any Catholic Doctrines that state clearly that ghosts do or don’t exist. Father Schmitz said,

“We’re absolutely prohibited in scripture and in the bible to have any kind of communication with ghosts.”

This means that Ouija Boards and contacting the departed is not morally allowed. But why? Father Schmitz explains it simply, Continue reading “MND Spooktacular: The Church Suffering”

MND Spooktacular: Typhoid and Tombstones

By:  Clara Conover and Liv Long

school bus

Students of Mount Notre Dame Academy gather around a school bus. These students were most likely boarding students.

The story began in the fall of 1862. Mount Notre Dame Academy had been open and accepting students for two years.

Diseases such as malaria, influenza, and scarlet fever swept rapidly through the boarding school at this time. Typhoid Fever, which was especially common throughout the Civil War, is a virus spread through contaminated food and water, most commonly contracted overseas.

According to Convent records supplied by Sister Paula Marie, two boarding students had caught Typhoid fever. It was only fatal to one of these students, Cecelia Tompkins, a 14-year-old whose family lived in California. During the end of her daughter’s life, Cecelia’s mother couldn’t come out to visit her or to bury her because of particularly devastating winter weather. She instructed that Cecelia be buried in the cemetery next to the sisters, which is now across the street from MND. Continue reading “MND Spooktacular: Typhoid and Tombstones”

Spooktacular: Witness Accounts

Joe Holtman (002)

By:  By: Liv Long and Clara Conover

When walking through the school after dark, beware of the MND ghost. Mr. Joe Holtman had his fair share of ghost encounters over the past six years. He says, “The ghost was just kind of a known fact.”

To find out more about the alleged MND ghost, we interviewed Mrs. Day, Mr. Holtman, and Sr. Paula Marie. Sr. Paula Marie offered facts, while Mrs. Day tried to debunk the legend, and Mr. Holtman gave away his experiences with the ghost. Mr. Holtman, the famous maintenance man at MND who regularly works in the cafeteria, told of his encounters. Continue reading “Spooktacular: Witness Accounts”

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